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 ===== DUAL (1st and 2nd generation) ===== ===== DUAL (1st and 2nd generation) =====
-{{:hdhr-us.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US Front}}{{:hdhr-us_2.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US Back}}+{{:placeholder.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US Front}}{{:placeholder.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US Back}}
 <WRAP box> <WRAP box>
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 === HDHR-US-T1 Single === === HDHR-US-T1 Single ===
-{{:hdhr-us-t1.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US-T1 Front}}{{:hdhr-us-t1_2.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US-T1 Back}}+{{:placeholder.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US-T1 Front}}{{:placeholder.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR-US-T1 Back}}
 <WRAP box> <WRAP box>
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 ===== DUAL (3rd generation) ===== ===== DUAL (3rd generation) =====
-{{:hdhr3-us.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR3-US Front}}{{:hdhr3-us_2.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR3-US Back}}+{{:placeholder.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR3-US Front}}{{:placeholder.jpg?​direct&​400|HDHR3-US Back}}
 <WRAP center info 80%> <WRAP center info 80%>
 Not to be confused with the [[CONNECT|HDHomeRun CONNECT (HDHR4-2US)]],​ which uses a similar outer enclosure. Not to be confused with the [[CONNECT|HDHomeRun CONNECT (HDHR4-2US)]],​ which uses a similar outer enclosure.
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