The HDHomeRun PRIME is used for US cable TV, using CableCARD.


Model number HDHR3-CC
Signal type US Cable TV & QAM64/256
Tuners 3
Works_with_DVR Yes
Ports Coaxial-in, USB (for Tuning Adapter), Ethernet (1000BASE-T), Power, M-card (CableCARD) slot
Power supply

5Volt 2.5Amp regulated power adapter (higher Amp rating ok)
2.1mm ID / 5.5mm OD plug, 9-10mm depth, center positive
Max 5.25V @ no-load
Min 4.75V @ 2.5A
Noise ⇐ 100mVp-p

Normal operating current is approximately 1.25A with a CableCARD present and 3 tuners streaming.

For testing purposes a 5V 2A power adapter can be used as long as the USB port is not powering any bus-powered devices.

In addition to the more common HDHomeRun PRIME HDHR3-CC:

  • HDHR3-6CC-3×2 - a dual unit that uses two CableCARDs.
  • HDHR5-6CC (HDHomeRun PRIME 6) - a new single-CableCARD six tuner PRIME that is currently in development.
  • Left LED: Power/link: Green = Ethernet link, flashing = searching for DHCP, red = no Ethernet link.
  • 2nd LED: Cablecard: Green = CableCARD present, flashing = card present but not ready (authentication in progress or no RF feed).
  • Tuner LEDs (3) (only on early models): Green = streaming video, flashing = reserved for use but not streaming.
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