You will need one of the following supported HDHomeRun models to receive TV broadcasts:

  • FLEX (can be both tuner and DVR storage with USB hard drive)
    • HDFX-2US
    • HDFX-4US
    • HDFX-4K
    • HDFX-4DT
    • HDHR4-2US
    • HDHR4-2DT
    • HDHR4-2IS
    • HDHR5-2US
    • HDHR5-4US
    • HDHR5-4K
    • HDHR5-2DT
    • HDHR5-4DT
  • SCRIBE (can be both tuner and DVR storage with built-in hard drive)
    • HDVR-2US-1TB
    • HDVR-4US-1TB
    • HDVR-4K-1TB
    • HDHR3-CC
    • HDTC-2US
    • HDTC-2US-M
    • HDHR3-4DC
    • HDHR5-4DC

Click here for our guide on DVR subscriptions

A DVR subscription can be purchased at our online shop and costs $35 per year. If you've bought a SCRIBE or SERVIO device then you will get a year of service along with the hardware, either as a new customer or added to your existing service. The subscription service includes 14 days of guide data. The subscription also keeps track of your upcoming recording “tasks”, helps prevents duplicate recordings, prevents recording programs that you've already watched and wanted deleted, and helps orchestrate all of your DVR storage devices.

Click here for our guide on selecting and setting up a DVR storage device

Local DVR storage is where your recordings will be saved. Our DVR doesn't use “the cloud” or remote locations for storing programs, but instead keeps local copies on your home network, allowing you to store them as long as you wish. Your storage device can be the HDHomeRun FLEX, SCRIBE or SERVIO, a PC, a Mac, a NAS, or an Android TV set top box like an NVIDIA Shield. Because the DVR storage device handles a lot of video data, we strongly recommend using a wired ethernet connection for your recording device, just like you would with an HDHomeRun tuner.

Only one storage device is needed to serve your entire network. All apps/clients on your network will be able to set new recordings and access previous recordings. You may add more if you need additional storage, additional multi-recording capabilities, or simply want more redundancy in your set up.

Instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app

You can use our HDHomeRun app on any supported device on your local network to watch live TV, set recordings, and watch recordings. See the guide link below for more information on how to use the app, and what devices are supported.

Available in US, Canada, UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

  • Last modified: 2023/01/07 00:09