DVR troubleshooting

Be sure to review the steps in our activation guide.

The HDHomeRun DVR requires a modern HDHomeRun device (CONNECT/EXTEND/PRIME/EXPAND/SCRIBE). It does not work with older HDHomeRun Dual devices, as they lack some of the hardware features the DVR relies on. See dvr#hdhomerun network tuner for a list of supported HDHomeRun devices.

The HDHomeRun app for Windows 7/8.1 does not support the DVR.

If you are trying to use the HDHomeRun app on the same Windows 10 computer that the DVR storage software is running on, you will most likely need to run the following command:

Please right click on the Start menu icon and select Windows PowerShell (Admin) or Command Prompt (Admin). Run the following command:

CheckNetIsolation LoopbackExempt -a -n=”ef712ba7.hdhomerundvr_23nna27hyxhag”

You should get a response of “OK.” Open the app and check to see if you can then access the DVR.

Your DVR is experiencing slow speeds when writing data to the hard drive, the DVR software will likely have issues. Most instances of slow speeds are the result of antivirus or other security software interfering with the DVR functions. If you're using a third-party antivirus program, make sure to configure it to exclude both the HDHomeRun RECORD program and the DVR recording location from its real-time filtering. If you have any anti-malware or other security programs installed, disable the web filtering functions they have, or if they can exclude on a program-specific basis, make them exclude the HDHomeRun RECORD program from filtering.

This type of slowness can also result from using a slow drive, typically if you're using USB2, so make sure that if you're using an external drive for recordings that it is USB3 and is connected to a USB3 port. Normally you can identify USB3 by the plastic inside being colored blue instead of black, and also the connector on the cable will have 5 pins visible in the back of it, and the connector on the PC side will have 5 accompanying pads where they will connect.

One other possibility is if the drive is starting to go bad; open the Windows system event log (right click on Computer and select Manage, then expand Event Viewer, then Windows Logs, and click on System) and look for any yellow or red icons that reference a disk, controller, or filesystem at times you were seeing issues.

If you use Bitdefender anti-virus you will have problems tuning channels due to Bitdefender scanning the files that buffer live video and recordings. You can use Bitdefender exclusions to resolve the problem.

If you also use a Win10 server for HDHR DVR and use Bitdefender on this system, you must create the following Bitdefender exclusions to enable proper server behavior: folder exclusion for exclude folder c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\EF712BA7.HDHomeRunDVR_1.1.255.0_x6423nna27hyxhag, as well as a program exclusion for c:\Program Files\Silicondust\hdhomerun\hdhomerun_record.exe. Exclusions must be created on a Win10 client running Bitdefender AV. Create a folder exclusion for the c:\Program Files\WindowsApps\EF712BA7.HDHomeRunDVR_1.1.255.0_x6423nna27hyxhag on Win10 clients running Bitdefender AV, and the clients will work as expected. This assumes the server side exclusions are implemented if Bitdefender is running in that environment.

These file and folder locations can be found by querying TaskManager while the applications and foreground processes are running.

If you need to configure a port-based firewall:
(not required for Windows Firewall)


Allow incoming UDP port 65001 - required for HDHomeRun discovery and for clients to discover the record engine.

Client services

Configure the record engine to use a given TCP port for client services:

Windows: Use regedit to set a fixed port number:
Name: Port
Value: <port number>

Linux: Add the following to hdhomerun.conf:
Port=<port number>

Then allow incoming TCP connections to this port number.

Outgoing connections

The record engine will make outgoing HTTP connections to HDHomeRun Tuners and to during normal operation.

  • Please file a trouble ticket and one of our support technicians will be glad to personally help you or answer any questions.
  • Last modified: 2021/10/07 00:46