Setting up the HDHomeRun

The HDHomeRun works by providing live TV to your home computer network from over-the-air TV broadcasts using an antenna, or from a cable TV provider (US CableCARD only). This allows you to use any device on your network, such as phones, tablets, laptops, computers, set top boxes, and more, to watch live TV.

How the HDHomeRun connects with the rest of your network and devices (click to enlarge):

One HDHomeRun can be accessed from the entire network, and each network can have multiple HDHomeRun units. The HDHomeRun software automatically consolidates multiple units into one seamless app.

Step 1:

Connect your antenna or cable source.

Step 2:

Connect to your network or home router using the provided ethernet cable.

Step 3:

Connect the power adapter. The green ethernet light will power on.

CableCARD instructions coming soon

To perform channel scans, hide channels, update firmware, and more, use the HDHomeRun's web page interface. While connected to the same local network as your HDHomeRun, open this link in a web browser:


NOTE: That address will go do the first HDHomeRun device found on your network. If you have more than one HDHomeRun device, use the “device ID” printed on the bottom of the unit instead of “hdhomerun” in the address. For example, if your device ID was 104FFFFF then you would go to http://104fffff.local

For more information about the web interface, see webui.

  • Last modified: 2023/01/19 02:36