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Setting up DVR storage on a multi-drive WD My Cloud NAS

How to install the DVR storage software on a multi-disk Western Digital My Cloud NAS.

Users of single-disk My Cloud devices should install the appropriate package via the WD My Cloud Single-Disk install instructions.

Before you continue, make sure you have the following:

1) Download the appropriate package for your specific model of NAS.

2) Go to the NAS webpage This is usually available at http://wdmycloud/ or http://wdmycloud.local/. If you know the IP address of your My Cloud you can also enter that in your browser's address bar. Log in once you arrive at the page.

3) Install the software

  • Click Apps
  • Click Install an app manually
  • Browse to the location where you downloaded the install package and select it
  • Click Open

4) Verify that the software is installed

Once you finish setting up a DVR storage device, see our guide link below for instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app.
Instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app

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