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The HDHomeRun EXTEND is similar to an HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO, but with the addition of powerful transcoding capabilities. It contains two internal tuners and can transcode both at the same time. Transcoding is a process where video is converted from one format to another, which allows the EXTEND to receive large “MPEG2” video broadcasts and convert them into smaller “h.264” video streams. These smaller video streams can help in situations where wifi or other network performance is a concern, and can be used to make smaller video file sizes when recording broadcast content.

The HDHomeRun EXTEND originally came with an all-plastic case and a small cooling fan. It has since been updated to use an all-metal case, which is used to cool the unit's electronics and remove the need for an internal fan.

Customers who own the original plastic version can take part in an upgrade replacement service here:

HDHomeRun EXTEND (Newer fan-less metal case) - Front HDHomeRun EXTEND (Newer fan-less metal case) - Back HDHomeRun EXTEND (Original plastic model with fan)

Model numbers Notes
HDTC-2US Original with plastic case and fan
HDTC-2US-M All metal fan-less case
HDTC-2US-L An original converted to a fan-less case
Signal type 8-VSB/ATSC & QAM64/256
Tuners 2
Works with DVR Yes
Ports Antenna, Ethernet (100baseTX), Power
Power supply

12V 1.5A regulated power adapter (higher A rating ok) 12V 1.5A regulated power adapter (higher A rating ok)
1.3mm ID / 3.4mm OD plug, 9.5mm depth, center positive 1.3mm ID / 3.4mm OD plug, 9.5mm depth, center positive
Noise Noise ⇐ 150mVp-p 150mVp-p

By default the HDHomeRun EXTEND advertises each channel in three formats:

  1. mobile (up to 720p30)
  2. heavy (up to 1080i60 / 720p60)
  3. native (no transcode)

You can force a client to pick a specific format by disabling the other formats:

  • Go to the device webpage (via → Transcode Configuration page → untick the formats you want to disable.

Note that it may be necessary to restart the client for it pick up the change.

This indicates that the HDHomeRun does not have a network connection. Please try a different network cable and port on your switch/router. If the issue persists, please open a trouble ticket.

This indicates that the HDHomeRun has a network connection but is not getting an IP address from your router. Check to make sure that the DHCP function is enabled on your router, and that either the allowed devices/access control/MAC filtering function on the router is disabled, or that the HDHomeRun is on the allowed list.

The fan on the HDHomeRun Extend should turn off within 20-30 seconds of power-up. If yours does not, this indicates a hardware issue with your device. Please open a trouble ticket.

The fan on the HDHomeRun EXTEND (gray plastic case model only) should turn on at power-up and when the internal temperature dictates it. If the fan on your device does not power on, it may no longer be functional. We offer conversion to the new fanless metal case model for a fee. Please open a trouble ticket for more information.

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