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-====== Updating the firmware on your HDHomeRun ====== +~~REDIRECT>update~~
- +
-<lead>The HDHomeRun app or the [[my.hdhomerun.com]] web page might inform the user that a firmware ​update ​is available for their HDHomeRun. These updates contain important bug fixes and feature enhancements,​ and should be installed as soon as reasonably possible.</​lead>​ +
- +
-===== Updating through my.hdhomerun.com (all platforms) ===== +
- +
-===== Updating through Windows PC ===== +
- +
-===== Updating through Mac ===== +
- +
-The software installer will look for and update the firmware of all HDHomeRun devices that you have on your local network. +
- +
-  - Download the latest version of the HDHR software: https://​download.silicondust.com/​hdhomerun/​hdhomerun_mac.dmg +
-    *  <wrap info>​Even if you don't intend to use the Mac app, running the software installer will update the firmware of all connected HDHomeRun devices. You can delete the Mac app later to reclaim your drive space, if you wish.</​wrap>​ +
-  - The installer should start automatically after downloading +
-    * If the installer does not automatically open, check your **Downloads** folder and open up the new installer file, then double click on the box icon that says HDHomeRun Installer"​. +
-  - Click **Continue** on the first window of the installer (introduction). +
-  - Leave the HDHomeRun RECORD checkmark **unchecked**. We won't need it for updating firmware. Click **Continue**. +
-  - Click **Install** to continue. +
-  - Mac OS will ask you for an admin password, enter it now. +
-    * If you've never set a password on your mac then just hit enter/​return. +
-  - The Installer will give a successful message, while at the same time opening the Mac's **Terminal** program. **Don'​t close this window yet**, and give it a moment to finish. When the Terminal process is complete, it will print out **[Process completed]**,​ and it will be safe to close the Terminal application. +
-  - If you haven'​t already done so, you can also press **Close** on the installer itself. This will prompt the installer to ask if you want to delete the HDHomeRun install file or safe it for later. You can safely **delete** the installer file. +
- +
-**Done:** Your HDHomeRun units should now be up to date. Go to http://​my.hdhomerun.com to check to see if there are green check marks by the version numbers for your devices. +
-===== Manual and Linux updating ===== +
- +
- +
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