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 +====== Setting up DVR storage on a Netgear ReadyNAS ======
 +<btn type="​success"​ size="​xs"​ icon="​fa fa-chevron-left">​[[:​DVR|Go back to all DVR topics]]</​btn>​ \\
 +<​lead>​Netgear ReadyNAS models can be used for the HDHomeRun DVR storage software. It will require manual installation (described below), as it does not work with our normal Windows NAS installer.</​lead>​
 +===== Requirements =====
 +<WRAP indent>
 +**Before you continue, make sure you have the following:​**
 +  * [[DVR:​subscription|HDHomeRun DVR subscription]]
 +  * One or more compatible HDHomeRun device: see **[[:dvr tuners|List of DVR compatible HDHomeRun devices]]**
 +===== Manual installation =====
 +<WRAP indent>
 +  - Use the ReadyNAS UI to create an SMB/SAMBA file share called "​HDHomeRun",​ accessible to "​everyone"​. Disable snapshots for that volume.
 +  - Enable SSH (Settings -> Services -> SSH) and logging in as root.
 +  - <​wrapper>​Log into your ReadyNAS via SSH and issue the following commands. This will create an apps directory for the hdhomerun_record software and download it to that location.
 +<​code>​mkdir -p /​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​bin
 +cd /​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​bin
 +wget http://​download.silicondust.com/​hdhomerun/​hdhomerun_record_linux
 +chmod +x hdhomerun_record_linux
 +./​hdhomerun_record_linux start
 +mv /​tmp/​hdhomerun_record_* hdhomerun_record
 +chmod 755 hdhomerun_record
 +chown root:root hdhomerun_record
 +rm hdhomerun_record_linux</​code></​wrapper>​
 +  - <​wrapper>​Create the HDHomeRun DVR configuration file.  Update the RecordPath to the record path you configured in your NAS.
 +<​code>​cd /​apps/​hdhomerun_record
 +cat <<EOF >​hdhomerun.conf
 +  - <​wrapper>​Start the HDHomeRun DVR software to see if it's working
 +<​code>/​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​bin/​hdhomerun_record start --conf /​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​hdhomerun.conf</​code>​
 +If it's working properly you should find a log file in /​data/​HDHomeRun,​ and a process in the process list. </​wrapper>​
 +  - <​wrapper>​Stop the process before setting up the start script.
 +<​code>/​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​bin/​hdhomerun_record stop</​code></​wrapper>​
 +  - <​wrapper>​Copy and paste the following to create the service file to automatically start the DVR software:
 +cat <<EOF > /​lib/​systemd/​system/​hdhomerun.service
 +Description=HDHomeRun DVR Service
 +ExecStart=/​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​bin/​hdhomerun_record start --conf /​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​hdhomerun.conf
 +ExecStop=/​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​bin/​hdhomerun_record stop --conf /​apps/​hdhomerun_record/​hdhomerun.conf
 +  - <​wrapper>​Now enable and start the DVR software:
 +<​code>​systemctl enable hdhomerun
 +systemctl start hdhomerun</​code></​wrapper>​
 +  - Restart the NAS and verify that the DVR remains available by checking **http://​my.hdhomerun.com** or your HDHomeRun app.
 +===== Next step: Using DVR in the HDHomeRun app =====
 +<WRAP indent>
 +Once you finish setting up a DVR storage device, see our guide link below for instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app.\\
 +<btn type="​success"​ size="​lg"​ icon="​fa fa-book">​[[:​app|Instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app]]</​btn>​
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