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-====== Raspberry Pi - Unofficial community client ====== +Coming soon
-<btn type="​success"​ size="​xs"​ icon="​fa fa-chevron-left">​[[:​Raspberry Pi|Go back to all Raspberry Pi topics]]</​btn>​ +
- +
-<WRAP info>If you haven'​t already done so, please view the **[[:​raspberry_pi#​pi_as_a_viewer_for_tv|requirements]]** before proceeding.</​WRAP>​ +
- +
- +
-===== Manual installation ===== +
-<WRAP indent>​ +
- +
-These steps talk about how to manually set up the Raspberry Pi installation. +
- +
-  - Using a PC, prepare your SD card with the NOOBS software following **[[https://​www.raspberrypi.org/​documentation/​installation/​noobs.md|the NOOBS installation guide]]**, then come back here. +
-  - Insert the SD card into the Pi and power it up, while connected to a TV and a keyboard and mouse. +
-    * <wrap info>The final set up will not require a keyboard and mouse.</​wrap>​ +
-  - Select either the **LibreELEC** or **OSMC** options. Both are free and open source operating systems, built around Kodi. Ether can be used, and the only difference between them depends on if you plan to also use Kodi for other features (it comes down to your personal preference; they'​re both really nice setups). +
-  - The NOOBS installer will do its thing and will eventually reboot into either LibreELEC/​Kodi or OSMC/​Kodi. +
-    * <wrap info>The NOOBS installer can also be used to reinstall other OSes or to reinstall the same OS, without having to go back to a PC.</​wrap>​ +
-  -  +
- +
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