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Using the HDHomeRun app with older HDHomeRun devices

Using an older HDHomeRun unit requires HDHomeRun Setup on a Windows PC. Once configured it will work with the latest HDHomeRun apps for Windows 10, XBox One, Mac, and Android TV.

Older products: HDHR-US, HDHR-EU, HDHR-T1-US, HDHR3-US, HDHR3-DT, and HDHR3-EU.


  1. Download and install the latest Windows software:

  2. Run a channel scan in HDHomeRun Setup. This is required even if it has been run previously and the channels shown in HDHomeRun Setup are correct.
  3. Install and launch the latest HDHomeRun app for Windows, XBox One, or Mac - it should detect the HDHomeRun tuner and show live TV.

Note that older HDHomeRun tuners cannot be used to make a recording with the HDHomeRun DVR software.

It is recommended that older products be used with the client connected via a wired Ethernet network.

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