App: Discover tab


The DISCOVER tab breaks down into four views/filters:

  • NOW - Shows programs that are currently live on TV. Scrolling down will view more programs that are live. Scrolling to the right will bring up additional programs (24 hours for normal users, 14 days for DVR subscribers).
  • Shows - Filters to just TV shows.
  • Movies - Filters to just movies.
  • Sports - Filters to just sporting events.

Users can also use the search box to look for specific programs.

Selecting a program will bring up information for that program, where they can switch to that program (if live) or set a recording.

Scrolling to the right in the NOW view will bring up additional programs (24 hours for normal users, 14 days for DVR subscribers). Scrolling down will show more programs for that time slot.

Program details:

After selecting a program, details about it will show up, as well as options to:

  • Watch now (if the program is currently live)
  • Hide the program from DISCOVER and searches.

If the selected program is a TV show, you will also see a list of upcoming episodes that are in the guide.

Hiding a program in one app will hide it on all apps that connect to your HDHomeRun tuner. See further down for information on how to un-hide shows

Sorting episodes:

When viewing the program details of a TV show, you can change the sorting of episodes. When scrolling between the “watch/record/hide” buttons and the list of episodes, you will notice that the TITLE header will be selected. Pressing to the left or right will select other options, such as CHANNEL, EPISODE, and AIRDATE.

In the example to the right, the episode list is sorted by EPISODE number.


Content in the DISCOVER tab can be searched, which is useful for finding currently airing programming, as well as future programs for setting recordings.

Unhiding shows:

If you've previously hidden a show from the DISCOVER tab, you can unhide it by searching for


Be sure to include the period before “hidden”.

You will then see all programs that have been previously hidden.

Selecting a show from the .hidden search results will give you an option to “unhide”.

Recording status marks:

If you have a DVR subscription and are using the recording features, the following marks will appear on upcoming programming details:

  • Red dot - will record
  • Gray dot - second showing of something scheduled to record. If the red dot channel fails at the time of recording, a gray dot channel can be used as a “backup”.
  • Green tick - already recorded and exists on the DVR
  • Gray tick - recorded and deleted, which tells the DVR to not re-record, unless the individual episode is selected for recording. This “don't re-record” history can be reset by asking the support team: Support ticket

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