LIVE tab

App: Live TV tab

Basic controls:

  1. Launch the HDHomeRun app to start watching TV
  2. Pressing the up or down arrows on remote or keyboard, or hover mouse over the right hand side to bring up the channel selector.
  3. Click or tap on the screen (or press the select button on a remote) to bring up the user interface
  4. Channel Slice – select a channel on the channel list, use the left/right arrows or drag the channel to the left to enable Channel Slice. Non-DVR subscribers will have access to 24 hours of guide data. DVR subscribers will have access to 14 days.
  5. DVR subscribers – click the DVR Menu icon on the far right of the on-screen-display (or press Back/Escape) to get to the DVR main menu.

Playback controls and action bar buttons:

  • Volume - control volume (on action bar depending on platform)
  • Rewind - 10 second rewind. Left arrow/key.
  • Big step backward : Down arrow/key will rewind 10 mins (not on action bar, recording playback only)
  • Play / Pause - Enter/Select on a remote, Spacebar on a keyboard
  • Fast-forward - 30 second seek forward. Right arrow/key.
  • Big step forward : Up arrow/key will seek forward 10 mins (not on action bar, recording playback only)
  • SAP - Secondary audio programming (action bar only)
  • CC - Closed caption (subtitles) (action bar only)
    • Android and Fire TV will default to captions being on by default if the option is set int he Android/Fire TV system settings. To change the default, you must change it in the Android/Fire TV system settings.
  • Zoom - zooms picture to fill screen, such as for programs that are a different aspect ratio (action bar only)
  • Record - Records current program.
  • Search - Jump to slice search for program, network, or channel-based search. For keyboards or remotes with number pads, just start typing to trigger search.
  • DVR menu - action bar button, back button on the remote, or escape
  • If your keyboard has dedicated multimedia keys, those will also work.

Typing numbers or letters while on live TV will open the search option. You can use this to switch to a specific channel number, channel name, or even show title. For example, using a remote with a keypad, you can enter “1004” + ENTER and it will switch to channel 1004.

  • Last modified: 2021/01/29 04:39