Setting up DVR storage on Netgear ReadyNAS

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Netgear ReadyNAS models can be used for the HDHomeRun DVR storage software. It will require manual installation (described below), as it does not work with our normal Windows NAS installer.

Before you continue, make sure you have the following:

  1. Use the ReadyNAS UI to create an SMB/SAMBA file share called “HDHomeRun”, accessible to “everyone”. Disable snapshots for that volume.
  2. Enable SSH (Settings → Services → SSH) and logging in as root.
  3. Log into your ReadyNAS via SSH and issue the following commands. This will create an apps directory for the hdhomerun_record software and download it to that location.

    mkdir -p /apps/hdhomerun_record/bin
    cd /apps/hdhomerun_record/bin
    chmod +x hdhomerun_record_linux
    ./hdhomerun_record_linux start
    mv /tmp/hdhomerun_record_* hdhomerun_record
    chmod 755 hdhomerun_record
    chown root:root hdhomerun_record
    rm hdhomerun_record_linux
  4. Create the HDHomeRun DVR configuration file. Update the RecordPath to the record path you configured in your NAS.

    cd /apps/hdhomerun_record
    cat <<EOF >hdhomerun.conf
  5. Start the HDHomeRun DVR software to see if it's working

    /apps/hdhomerun_record/bin/hdhomerun_record start --conf /apps/hdhomerun_record/hdhomerun.conf

    If it's working properly you should find a log file in /data/HDHomeRun, and a process in the process list.

  6. Stop the process before setting up the start script.

    /apps/hdhomerun_record/bin/hdhomerun_record stop
  7. Copy and paste the following to create the service file to automatically start the DVR software:

    cat <<EOF > /lib/systemd/system/hdhomerun.service
    Description=HDHomeRun DVR Service
    ExecStart=/apps/hdhomerun_record/bin/hdhomerun_record start --conf /apps/hdhomerun_record/hdhomerun.conf
    ExecStop=/apps/hdhomerun_record/bin/hdhomerun_record stop --conf /apps/hdhomerun_record/hdhomerun.conf
  8. Now enable and start the DVR software:

    systemctl enable hdhomerun
    systemctl start hdhomerun
  9. Restart the NAS and verify that the DVR remains available by checking the HDHomeRun app.
  10. If everything is working, you can go and disable SSH (Settings → Services → SSH).

Once you finish setting up a DVR storage device, see our guide link below for instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app.
Instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app

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