Setting up DVR storage on Synology

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This page will describe how to install the HDHomeRun DVR storage software on a Synology NAS

Before you continue, make sure you have the following:

Step 1

Download the latest HDHomeRun Synology package with your web browser:

Step 2

  1. Log into the Synology using your web browser
  2. Open the “Package Center”

Step 3

Select “Manual Install”

Step 4

  1. Click on the “Browse” button to select the .spk file you downloaded in Step 1. If you are not sure where the file is, it is most likely in your computer's “Downloads” folder.
  2. Then click “Next”

Step 5

Select “Agree” on the scary warning that Synology shows. Don't worry, our DVR software is safe and trustworthy.

Step 6

  1. Check the “Agree” box
  2. Click “Next”

Step 7

Click “Done” and you're done!

Once you finish setting up a DVR storage device, see our guide link below for instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app.
Instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app

  • Last modified: 2022/11/09 04:14