Deleting recordings

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A recording is deleted by sending a request to the record engine hosting the recording on the local network. The episode can optionally be flagged to be re-recorded.

The API URL is unique for each recording. Look for the “CmdURL” in the recorded files json from the record engine. Note that the CmdURL may include parameters which must be preserved.

The API URL must be invoked using a HTTP POST operation. HTTP GET operations will be rejected with 400 Bad Request.

Parameter Type Description
cmd string “delete”.
rerecord int Optional. Set to 1 to tell the DVR system to re-record this episode.

If rerecord is set to 0 (or not present) the DVR system will remember the episode as having been recorded and not record it again. If rerecord is set to 1 the DVR system will treat it the same as if the episode had not been recorded, ie it will record the episode again if it matches a recording rule.

Normal operation is to delete and not to re-record.

It is recommended that the user be given the option to delete & re-record for use when a recording isn't correct. For example a show may start and end late due to a prior sporting event running late, there may have been a last minute schedule change, reception issues, etc.

  • 20210804:
    • Document requirement to use HTTP POST.
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