Open source media centers

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HDHomeRun units can be used with many free and open source, multi-purpose media players and software designed for living room TVs. This includes LibreELEC, OSMC, CoreELEC, and MrMC, among others.

Please note, this section is for the convenience of our customers. As these are programs maintained by third parties, Silicondust cannot guarantee their operation or performance.

The “zuki” PVR/DVR add-on is similar to the build-in PVR/DVR add-on, in that it ties the HDHomeRun into the native DVR features. However, this add-on takes one step further and provides full access to the HDHomeRun DVR service, allowing the user to access recordings and pause live TV.

For instructions on setting up this add-on, see:

This “PVR” (Personal video recorder, another term for DVR - digital video recorder) add-on is built-in by default, but is not an official add-on maintained by Silicondust. It allows HDHomeRun tuners to show up in the native DVR/PVR interface and use the same windows and controls.

While this is a DVR/PVR add-on, it does not access the HDHomeRun DVR service. It only accesses live TV from an HDHomeRun.

This add-on can be found inside the default add-on repository. It provides a simple directory-listing style add-on for accessing HDHomeRun tuners on the network, as well as the DVR service.


In addition to using video and PVR/DVR add-ons, the software can also act as a UPnP/DLNA client and access an HDHomeRun device that supports that feature. This is a very basic list-based view that is limited to just live TV, without any guide data, but can be used without installing anything extra.

Third party DVR/PVR "backend"

When an HDHomeRun is paired with a third party DVR software program, such as NextPVR, MythTV, or Tvheadend, the media center software can function as a client for these systems using the built-in PVR/DVR features.

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