Cables, Terminators, & Splitters

Use of RG6 cables is recommended for cable connections.

Make sure all unused splitter outputs have terminators attached. Do not leave a splitter output without anything connected.

If you have a 4-way splitter then each of the outputs get 1/5th of the signal. If you cascade another 4-way splitter then each output gets 1/5th of the 1/5th signal = 1/25th of the original signal.

The antenna or cable signal to the house can usually be passively split 4 ways with a single 4-way splitter. To split a signal more than 4 ways a distribution amplifier is recommended.

Also note that your existing house wiring may have splitters hidden in the attic or crawl spaces.

A signal strength of 90% or higher is recommended for QAM operation, 80% minimum.
A signal strength of 80% or higher is recommended for OTA operation, 60% minimum.

If you have a cable modem then there are two options for digital cable:

  1. Use a passive 2-way splitter to split the cable modem before the distribution amplifier.
  2. Purchase a distribution amplifier with uplink support for a cable modem.
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