Setting up a DVR storage device

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Local DVR storage is where your recordings will be saved. Your storage device can be an HDHomeRun SCRIBE or SERVIO, a PC, a Mac, a NAS, or an Android TV set top box like an NVIDIA Shield.

Only one storage device is needed to serve your entire network. All devices on your network will be able to set new recordings and access previous recordings.

The HDHomeRun FLEX, SCRIBE, and SERVIO models are able to act as DVR storage devices:

  • HDHomeRun FLEX - The HDHomeRun FLEX has a USB port that will allow a customer to add their own USB hard drive. With a hard drive, the FLEX will operate the same as a SCRIBE model, with both tuning and DVR handled by that unit. While the SCRIBE comes with one year of DVR service, the FLEX requires a separate DVR service purchase.
    Setting up the USB hard drive on the FLEX:
    1. Plug a USB hard drive into the FLEX's USB port
    2. In a web browser go to http://hdhomerun.local
      1. NOTE: That address will go do the first HDHomeRun device found on your network. If you have more than one HDHomeRun device, use the “device ID” printed on the bottom of the unit instead of “hdhomerun” in the address. For example, if your device ID was 104FFFFF then you would go to http://104fffff.local
    3. Then click the “Format” button. That will erase and format the hard drive for recordings
  • HDHomeRun SCRIBE - The HDHomeRun SCRIBE includes both the tuning hardware of a normal HDHomeRun device along with an internal hard drive and the DVR storage software. In addition to recording from its own internal tuners, the SCRIBE can also record from other HDHomeRun devices on your network. This combination unit can be a good starting point for new users, or be used to expand an existing HDHomeRun device cluster when you want to add tuners and DVR storage at the same time.
  • HDHomeRun SERVIO - For users who already have existing HDHomeRun tuners, or who want to add more storage space and/or redundancy to their DVR system, the SERVIO contains a large hard drive and runs our DVR storage software.

Already have a NAS (network attached storage), an always on desktop computer, or old unused PC? You can set that up as your DVR storage!

Personal computer

Streaming box

  • Android TV certified box (such as the Nvidia Shield TV) with around 500 GB of storage available

NAS - Network Attached Storage

Using a Windows PC, most NAS devices can use our NAS install tool, or you can use one of the following:

Once you finish setting up a DVR storage device, see our guide link below for instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app.
Instructions on using the DVR features in the HDHomeRun app

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